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VertaLocĀ® Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica

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The VertaLoc Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica is designed to bring stability and support to your injured wrist and hand. It holds the wrist in an optimal position for healing and to alleviate pain. VertaLoc® Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica is recommended for mild to moderate injuries of wrist and thumb, as well as acute and chronic sprains and strains. VertaLoc® Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica will aide with the following conditions:

  • Wrist Injuries, Including Muscle Strains or Sprains
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Postoperative Utilization
  • Proceeding Removal of Splints or Cast
  • Thumb Injuries
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis


The wrist brace is available in a variety of sizes for right and left hand.


Wrist Circumference

(In Inches)

Product Number for

Left Wrist

Product Number for

 Right Wrist

XS 5.25” - 6.25” VXSL-00339 VXSR-00340
S 6.25“ - 7.25” VLSL-00341 VLSR-00342
M 7.25” - 8.00” VLML-00343 VLMR-00344
L 8.00” - 9.00” VLLL-00345 VLLR-00346
XL 9.00” - 10.00” VLXL-00347 VLXR-00348


All VertaLoc® products carry a one year manufacturer's warranty from date of purchase to be free of material or workmanship defects.