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With this offer, receive a FREE Infinity® Blood Glucose Meter with purchase of 4 boxes of Infinity® Test Strips.

EasyGluco Offer

With this offer, receive a FREE EasyGluco® Meter with the purchase of 4 boxes of EasyGluco® Test Strips.

KN95 Respirator 1

KN95 masks are effective according to the CDC in helping to prevent the spread of Flu, swine flu and avian flu transmission from person to person. KN95 is the United States standard, it is also...


Our Face Mask Elastic Type is equipped with 3 ply. Solid materials, good air permeability, Comfortable elastic earloop,extra-soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears; with good abilities to...

Easy Gluco 50

EasyGluco Test Strips is a great choice for your Diabetic Monitoring

True Metrix 100 Retail

Featuring advanced testing technology, True Metrix strips ensure accurate and precise results.

Freestyle Lite 50 Mail Order

Abbott FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips 50 Ct